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Freitag @ 7/08/2011
(2) Liebesbekundigungen
Literally, I have wings.

Reality is overrated! I take fantasy every time. Reality is the bad guys win, the good guys suffer, everyone struggles and makes no progress. Fantasy provides balance and the spirit of triumph over the darkness of malcontents. That's why I go to see so many movies: escapism!!!!

Somehow it's distorting. Somebody, who I don't really know just spoke out, what my whole life consists in. Especially now. Now and then. 
I read books a lot. Not quite especially fantasy books but getaways can come in so different ways.

I'd like to be a popstar. Stay on the stage and feel the heat around me rising. Sing, play an instrument and watch the people in front of me, underneath me, dancing, laughing and watching me. They are here because I am. Who's with me here? What if  (my lone, grey, little self) climb upon an empty stage and start to sing? Even roaches would start to flee.
Not there. I have wings, literally.

I'd like to be a very mean person. See, I'd like to be so more than just a popstar! Couldn't handle to be on my own (or even with a band) and playing me all the time. Tour buses are great, really. But drinking soda all the time, giggling with bandmembers, touring through the world, playing for people and being admired isn't all what's there. There  is so much more. Such as being perfidiously! 
There, I am also a bad bad which. Do you remember Magica de Spell (Gundula Gaukelei) from the duck tales? (or the Lustige Taschenbücher.. whatever that is in english. The comic version!) I'm a bit like her. Just more cruel. I like to torture people. Not to death, because that could mean I cannot torture them anymore. Do you see my point? There's not exactly a hidden meaning behind me. Not in everybody. I just want to escape.
There, I can be free. I could be a pirate! Stroming through thunder, living wild free and drinking rum. Of course.
There, I can be a warrior. Scared of myself, proud in some mad and sad way.  Or a lonely but loving girl, lost in the future and strung-out, a healer, a unicorn without a uni but with a lot of poptards, a thief.
Literally, I can be what I want to be.

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